We apply bedding to keep the animal dry, clean, maintain a healthy environment, and promote it’s creature comfort. It must be cost effective, safe to use, easily stored and of course, have an after use value. Cattle and other dry stock will readily lie on comfortable and dry bedding material. 

A dry bed will reduce humidity in the shed, and result in less contact with dung and urine. This gives a reduction in the animals risk to exposure. It will also result in less finished cattle needing ‘clipping’ prior to sale.

Peat Bed, supply a dry house livestock bedding material that is used with beef cattle, dry cows, calves, horses and sheep. This Fibrous bedding is a highly absorbent material which keeps livestock warm, clean and dry with minimal labour.  The bedding is cost effective and can be immediately spread on the land after use, adding nutrients and conditioning your soil without depleting Nitrogen levels the way Straw and Wood shavings do.

Moisture Absorption

With wood chips and wood shavings, (depending on the tree type and particle size) there is an absorption rate between 2.5 and 4.0. So, even the best Wood Shavings (if they are sized correctly for Dry Stock bedding) will hold 4 times their own weight in moisture. Chopped Straw does not do well in the absorption to weight ration clocking at best 2.5 time’s it’s own weight in moisture absorption.  Straw and Wood chips cause knock on effects such as additional layers of bedding, which can harbor and promote smell and dirt. Peat Bedding Holds 10 times it’s own Weight in water. So I KG of Peat will hold 10 Liters of Water or moisture. In average conditions a single application of Peat Bedding will maintain a Clean Dry and healthy environment for your crop throughout its housed lifetime

In average conditions 15- 20 cm of Peat Bedding will maintain a Clean Dry and healthy environment for your dry stock for 6 weeks 


Peat Bed

The peat is harvested from bogs using specially designed machinery.

The peat is then brought to our factory where it is screened to obtain the optimum particle size and then mixed with a liming agent. PeatBed can be delivered in bulk or in in semi bulk bags.

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