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Peat Bedding options


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We apply bedding to keep the animal dry, clean, maintain a healthy environment, and promote it’s creature comfort. It must be cost effective, safe to use, easily stored and of course, have an after use value. Cattle and other dry stock will readily lie on comfortable and dry bedding material. 

Dairy Cows are with us for many years and content, healthy cows are proven to be better milk producers. Peat Bed, have specially formulated a new and innovative bedding material for use in the dairy industry.

Ensuring poultry units are cost effective and healthy for the crop is the primary concern for all Laying Hen, broiler chickens, duck, and turkey and farmers.

Peat Bed

The peat is harvested from bogs using specially designed machinery.

The peat is then brought to our factory where it is screened to obtain the optimum particle size and then mixed with a liming agent. PeatBed can be delivered in bulk or in in semi bulk bags.

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